About Us


1. We are an Australian owned business.

Our  warehouse is located in the west of Sydney.

2. We are multi-channel

We offer our products on:

3. We offer a great range products from many manufacturers, at reasonable prices.

We have the HSP range of Cars, Buggies, Trucks and Spare Parts, Hop-ups, Accessories.

Other brands that will come on stream include Kyosho and other brands.

4. Committed After Sales and RC Service Centre

Providing for all your RC needs, we are ready to help via email. Email: info@rchobbyestore.com We try to reply to all emails within 48 hours.We have an experienced service technician available to assist with any repairs you need due to unforeseen accidents or faults.

5. Under New Management

Although the RC Hobby Estore business has been operating for 9 years, the current owners have been at the helm since the start of 2016. Some of the recent changes to the business included relocating the business to Blacktown.

6. Improved Search facilities on our website

We’ve recently made a number of changes to our website so that it is easier for you to find what you want. Previously it was a bit of a struggle wading through our large range of spare parts, but now we have added more sub-categories to help you zero in on specific groups of spare parts. We’ve also added the scale and fuel type of each vehicle so that you can quickly find the one that’s just right for you.

Thanks for dropping by.

The RC Hobby E Store team